Drupal can be used to build almost any kind of website. However I, and possibly many other people - would like to learn also something else - to have more tools under our belt. It would be a waste of time to learn something that duplicates Drupal functionalities, however those are so wide, that it is hard to find anything more to learn ;) . I was considering maybe Symfony2, as it would synergize with Drupal 8, but have you any other suggestion? It should be something that would supplement Drupal in areas where its lacking.

What other CMS/Framework would you consider the good supplement to Drupal and why?


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How's your JavaScript? It's a good supplement to Drupal.

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My JS is average I guess, I can always do what needs to be done with the help of internet resources. I have also a friend who is into front end, so I don't feel the need to learn front end technologies - I would rather stick to PHP related things, but that is a good suggestion - if someone doesn't have front end developer for help, there is certainly a lot of directions in frontend developement to go. Is there however something supplementary in area of PHP/backend ?

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Well the three things I find help me the most in Drupal development are:

1) PHP
2) Javascript
3) Interacting with 3rd party APIs

#3 refers to interacting with, for example, Facebook, Twitter, PayPal, Flickr or any other website that has an API exposing data to users. Interacting with APIs usually requires taking JSON or XML and parsing it, then using that data to create data within Drupal (or whatever system you're working with).

If you don't have much experience working with 3rd party APIs, then it's a worthwhile skill to work on. As a tester, you could try pulling images from a Flickr account and creating nodes in Drupal with said images. You could also test posting images that a user has uploaded on a node to Flickr.

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learn OOP , it will help u in d8

if you can use drupal why use others?

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I also think that PHP and JavaScript would be good to learn.