Whenever I search for a config page for a specific module by using admin menu's search box, I always get two listings, the config page, and the issue queue. 99.6% of modules I will never need the issue queue for anything whatsoever, is there a way I can just hide all the issue queue listings? This slows down the ability to find a config page as there's always the link I'm looking for and there's always the useless link to slow me down. Any way to get rid of these? Thanks for the great module and best.

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Title: Way to hide all "Issue Queue" menu items? These are not useful to me » Way to hide all "Issue Queue" menu items?
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Version: 7.x-3.0-rc4 » 7.x-3.x-dev
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This also annoyed me.

I see two ways:

1) In admin_menu.inc prevent the links from getting added to


2) Filter issue queue links from the search index.
I tried adding the selector .admin-menu-icon li a:contains("Drupal.org") to the buildSearchIndex js function, but failed.
Adding an extra css class to the issuequeue links provides a way to select ... see patch.

I realize that this patch is not right for everyone... it's a start ... maybe we can make this a tweak-able option?

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Thanks for the reply Helmo, I'll try out your patch. Is there still no official response from the makes of this module?

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Hey guys, any chance we could get a checkbox to remove the "issue queue" listings? Thanks!!

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patch is real simple and works

hunk 1 is already in dev

hunk 2 is not . I applied and tested and it works!

Please commit. Cause 99% of the time nobody needs the issue queue link from the search...
But to make everyone happy , a checkbox in admin_menu settings will do.

diff --git a/admin_menu.inc b/admin_menu.inc
index e212970..15011bf 100644
--- a/admin_menu.inc
+++ b/admin_menu.inc
@@ -474,6 +474,7 @@ function admin_menu_links_icon() {
       '#options' => array(
         'query' => array('version' => (isset($info['core']) ? $info['core'] : 'All')),
+      '#attributes' => array('class' => array('admin-menu-issuequeue')),
   // Add items to flush caches.
diff --git a/admin_menu.js b/admin_menu.js
index 2e28b55..9672bd6 100644
--- a/admin_menu.js
+++ b/admin_menu.js
@@ -266,7 +266,7 @@ Drupal.admin.behaviors.search = function (context, settings, $adminMenu) {
       // Initialize the cache of menu links upon first search.
       if (!links && needle.length >= needleMinLength) {
         // @todo Limit to links in dropdown menus; i.e., skip menu additions.
-        links = buildSearchIndex($adminMenu.find('li:not(.admin-menu-action, .admin-menu-action li) > a'));
+        links = buildSearchIndex($adminMenu.find('li:not(.admin-menu-action, .admin-menu-action li, .admin-menu-issuequeue) > a'));
       // Empty results container when deleting search text.
       if (needle.length < needleMinLength) {

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Here's more perminent solution. I added an option under performance to hide the issue queues. Reason is that drupal_parse_info_file() is really slow loading when you have lots of modules.

In my case 1.5 seconds, see screenshot from XHProf

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Status: Needs review » Reviewed & tested by the community

Thanks @joelpittet, #6 works great.

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6 month rtbc bump

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Just did some profiling and identified this as a possible tweak too.
Patch looks good and does what it promises - confirmed RTBC from my side.