i have just completed learing drupal .. i mean i have just learned the basics of drupal .. like how to creat pages and etc simple queries related to drupal ..

now i want to make a website for my learning purpose ..or hot to install drupal at my site http://www.mobiletv.com.pk do u know which website i should build for my learning purpose ..

or if any website available which is already made in drupal and available on internet .. if it is then let me know please so that i can also learn how to make ..

any help will be so so appreciated .. you will help me and god will help yours ..

thank you . .


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It's good to start with Drupal Ladder.

Or setup a webserver on your local computer by using XAMMP, Acquia dev desktop to install Drupal and develop on you local machine.

You can also try drupal gardens or Simplytest.

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