I have the MetaTag module enabled and when I go to insert tokens using the 'Browse Available Tokens' link, the pop-up box does not render the clickable tokens column links. Instead they are all just plain text links. Also, none of the categories are collapsed or collapsible, nor is there a scrollbar. It renders EVERYTHING down the list. See screenshot:


Any idea what could potentially be causing this problem? I'm not getting any javascript errors.

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That sounds either like JS error, or stylesheets not loading.

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Would also help to define with admin theme you're using.

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I do have jQuery update, but it's set to 1.5 for the admin theme (1.7 didn't change the problem), which I believe is the D7 default. I am using Ember for the admin theme, HOWEVER, I just switched back to D7's default 'Seven' theme for admin, and the same problem occurs - no links, messed up dialogue box.

I'm not getting any JS errors in the console, nor 404 responses for resources. Hard to say if there is a stylesheet that isn't loading though.

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The D7 default is jQuery 1.4. Can you try switching to that version?

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I just completely disabled jQuery Update so Drupal is using whatever it came with, and I'm now getting an expected rendering of the popup token browser. Categories are collapsed, and after expanding a category of tokens, the TOKEN column has clickable links.

Of course, now the admin theme no longer works because it requires several newer JS libraries :(

Any suggestions? I should probably check with Ember.

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Was just having the same issue. Found that switching the Jquery UI CDN to "None" resolved the problem.

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Found that switching the Jquery UI CDN to "None" resolved the problem.

Wow, that was a lifesaver. There was way too many tokens to find what I needed without the collapsing structure to walk through.

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#6 worked for me as a temporary fix.