I have recently experienced an issue w/ my site's user profile pages. When a user is logged in, they are unable to edit any of the fields in their profile page. In the view profile page everything is visible, however, in the edit tab nothing shows up (see attachments). Also the create new account page does not show any profile fields besides username, email and password (see attachments).

The platform this is hosted on was recently upgraded to PHP 5.4.25


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Quick update...

PHP 5.4.25 has removed support for passing variables by reference and this version of Drupal, 6.4, is littered with them. By replacing "&$variable_name" with "$variable_name" in /modules/profile/profile.module, I was able to get the variables to show up in the "Create New Account" page. However, existing users are still not able to edit their profiles... same behavior as what I described above persists.