I don't know if this is the right section, but I'll give it a try.

For several years I'm working with Joomla for my websites.
Sometimes I hear people say I need to work with Drupal instead.

If I ask them why, they can't give me an answer.
So I ask you...
What are the advantages or disadvantages for Drupal vs Joomla



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There are several threads on this. One of the contributors to this thread https://drupal.org/node/1993082 has turned against Joomla strongly so puts the pro-Drupal case very strongly. However, Drupal takes a lot of learning. From the developer's point of view Drupal 8 (not yet ready for production) will be quite a big change (probably less so from the site-builder's point of view). IMO Drupal 8 will be great for large sites. Some uncertainty surrounding how the D8 changes (which is turning Drupal into a real enterprise-grade CMS) will pan out, may be hitting adoption of Drupal for smaller sites, and D8 might turn out even more challenging than Drupal 7 can be for smaller low-budget jobs. It is too early to be sure how it will work out. Whether it is worth learning Drupal depends on your use cases and the extent to which you find it worthwhile to develop new skills.

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May I ask what is the nature of the site? Both has their advantage over the other - it all boils down to whether Drupal or Joomla would be suitable for the site you are building.