Will Drupal 8 Be Out Of Date To Soon?
Here's a few things to consider

Drupal is aimed at large scale enterprise websites.
So performance and scalability is important.

But PHP based website is not going to have better
performance and scalability as a Node.js
based website application. This is a fact!

So wouldn't enterprise websites client opt for Node.js over a php website
sometime in the future?

for example "Node can handle thousands of these concurrently where PHP would just collapse.
Performance benefits and scalability aside, there’s a good chance you already know some JavaScript"


Also you have to consider time it takes to learn drupal 8

Are future web designers going to spend time
learning to code the drupal way in php?

If they already know Java script they can
build a website that has better performance and scalability using Node.js

I'm sure drupal 8 will be successful

I have a feeling that PHP & mySQL websites such as Wordpress,Joomla, Drupal

Will be replaced with new breed of Java script versions
using Node.js, Angualr and mongodb


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--removing incorrect information--

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I have a feeling Node.js, Angular and mongodb sites will be replaced with a new breed
using Go and RethinkDB.

If you're choosing solutions based on hype, then don't use yesterday's hype!

(tongue in cheek)

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If you're choosing solutions based on hype, then don't use yesterday's hype!

I'm sticking to drupal because down side
of javascript frameworks is SEO.

We have to be aware of technology trends

You can see on this video at 3:16min


a example of a traditional PHP server-side language compared to Node.js.

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Well i'm not agree with you, PHP is still the most tested and most reliable solution for web devlopment and it's not standing still. There are already several projects aiming to improve PHP performance. HHVM is one of them. You may like to have a look at this https://groups.drupal.org/node/417723

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Yeah, brilliant