Currently we are using IMCE 7.x-1.8 in conjunction with CKE 7.x-1.13. Our site has roughly 100 editors, and their access to edit is regulated by Taxonomy controls. IMCE has a series of profiles and role-profile assignments that were set up to mimic the groups that are used in Taxonomy Access - such as "Students" in Taxonomy for editors who can edit nodes assigned the Students term, and a corresponding ce-students group who have access to upload and edit files in the Students folder in IMCE.

The issue is that for some editors they do not have upload rights to a folder in IMCE, while other editors who belong to the the same IMCE profile do have rights to upload. The profile rights are not consistent, even though Taxonomy Access is working correctly for all users.

This means that some users who belong to the IMCE Students profiles can upload to the students folder, while other users belonging to that profile can not. In addition, if a user has multiple profiles in IMCE it is common for one of the profiles to be working while the other does not.

All of the profiles except for Admin have been given a weight of 0, and I have rebuilt permissions as well. This did not alter any of the issues. I have been able to replicate the issue with a test account, but I have not been able to find any setting in IMCE or associated modules that will give these editors all the IMCE upload rights that would correspond to the profiles that they have.

Does anyone have a suggestion? I have found nothing in the site relating to only some users having only some of their IMCE upload rights not function properly, while all other users are getting the proper upload rights.