I'm in the process of migrating a site from pMachine to Drupal. I've had a look and there's currently no real information out there about how people would do such a thing. That's ok, I'm really excited by what Drupal offers and I'm willing to do the hard work myself migrating the content.

I'm happy using MySQL to manipulate the pMachine table data into something suitable to import into Drupal.

I'm documenting what I'm doing (in a non-formal way) and I am happy to offer this to the Drupal community when I'm finished as one way that you could convert from pMachine across.

What I'd like to know, though, are any general pointers that may help any snares along the way. Someone here requested for general migration information and I'd like to second that.

For example, I noticed that in some of the other CMS conversion information that people mentioned updating the sequences table entries otherwise there'll be problems down the track.

I'm concerned that there may be some other hooks that I don't know about.

Any pointers appreciated!