Hello, i have code this new simple module named timeago on nodes (on pages).
This module will calculate the time ago to the opening page and will display it in a small top widget.
Fr exemple if you opened a page x about a one minute, it tell you that and the time will be updated automatically.
I wonder why there is not any reactions and coders about my new module or did i publish it in the wrong place!!

link to the module:


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Hi Marwen
I am going to give you few pointers where to start:

1- Creating a sandbox (experimental) project https://drupal.org/node/1011196
2- Create a sandbox project https://drupal.org/create-sandbox
3- Introduction to Git https://drupal.org/node/991716

After following the steps above you can checkout https://drupal.org/project/projectapplications

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Thanks Salah, i appreciate your help.

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