Ruby on Rails vs PHP – The good, the bad

It seems Drupal adopts many ideas from Symfony in Drupal 8,
the following article by Leo is good for thought,
especially the comments are better(?) than the article itself.


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It was nice to see an objective non fan boy article comparing the 2, but I'm not really sure what this has to do with drupal or symfony. Drupal has always been php, even before incorporating symfony components, and always will be. No one is going to rewrite drupal in ruby, or any other language for that matter, and if they do it will cease to be 'drupal', lol.

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No, I don't want you switch to Ruby or ROR,
but zen theme uses sass/compass so I wondered what happens
in the Ruby or ROR. That's all.

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SASS uses Ruby to output CSS, but that really has nothing to do with Drupal. Drupal only uses the outputted CSS file, it doesn't use the SASS file.