Often I'll research an issue I'm having with a module, find the someone has created a patch for it in the issue queue, and the issue is closed. Am I to assume it's been added the dev branch? And then how would I know if it's been added to the main branch?



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You would hope that the module maintainer would leave a comment indicating so. But if the issue has been marked fixed and closed, it's probably been added to the code, or the issue has been fixed in some other manner.

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It would be helpful if you actually linked the issue, lol.

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@WorldFallz I'm asking in general, I don't have a specific issue in mind.

I did find an example where the issue maintainer added a comment to indicate this: https://drupal.org/node/1853550
But here is one where patches were provided but there is no indication if they were committed: https://drupal.org/node/1934106

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Regarding the second link, #1934106-7: CKEditor module support is actually exactly how it's usually indicated. Basically, if you don't see something like 'fixed' or "Closed (won't fix)" it likely not been addressed. The only other way to know for sure, if reading the issue still leaves the question open, is read the patch itself and compare a couple of lines from the patch to the actual code. Patches are pretty straight forward to read-- they include the file name and '-' means a line removed from the original code while '+' means a line added.