Last updated 6 June 2010. Created on 9 February 2008.
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The Embedded Media Field creates a field for nodes created with CCK to accept pasted URLs or embed code from various third party media content providers, such as YouTube and FlickR. It will then parse the URL to determine the provider, and display the media appropriately.

Currently, the module ships with Embedded Video Field, Embedded Image Field, and Embedded Audio Field. In addition, it has Embedded Media Import, to import photosets and playlists into individual nodes, when allowed by specific providers. Finally, it also ships with Embedded Media Thumbnail, which allows editors to override provider-supplied thumbnails with their own custom image thumbnails.

The module also allows field- & provider-specific settings and overrides, such as autoplay, resized thumbnails or videos for teasers, RSS support, and YouTube's 'related videos'. You can turn off individual provider support on a field or global basis.

You can give the module a try at Drupal Hub.

See its other handbook page for more information, and a list of supported providers.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.