I've gone around google looking at different sites and 'schools' all telling me they can help me be a better programmer/themer/coder ect. But I'd really like to hear from actual drupal users and creators. I'm in school right now working towards a 4 year degree and I'm working on finishing my core corriculum at a community college before I declare a major and make a descision on what 4 year school to attend and what degree I want to get.

I'm having a bit of trouble because what I want to do is create drupal based sites and modules and I have no idea if there is even a 4 year school that offers that kind of program. The closest I've found that meets my needs is something like this:

Does anyone here have a degree like that? And if so, what school did you go to? And if you didn't get your know-how from a university or college, who taught you?

Thanks very much for your help!


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The only thing you will ever learn in a Drupal program is enough to be able to start to teach yourself. The only way to become an expert is to keep using it and using it and using it and using it. However it's really hard to just step in and learn, which is why a course (or a few books) is a good way to start.

Generally with any course based on web work, if the instructors are not also working in the industry, their information will be somewhat outdated, as the technology changes so fast that anyone not doing it everyday is not keeping up with the new technologies. Keep that in mind when deciding what course you want to take.

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In my own language, there is a proverb available.
" if you fail to do one time, try more than hundreds time. Then you obviously do. "

Practice, practice and more practice make you Drupal expert.