I have a huge black pop-up ad across the bottom 1/3 of my browser window when I go to drupal.org. I'm wondering if this is just on my machine or if everyone is seeing it?


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Everywhere, I would call it a promotion.

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Looking for something like this for D7. Is this a module?

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According to innam , you mentioned that you have a huge back pop up.

Well. Nevets says it promotion. Actually what is promotion and why people do like promotion?

Still i won't see any pop up add. This is happen may be i am new in drupal.

But' after all, motivational promotion is not bad when it has something learning and amazing profitable outcome.

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Still i won't see any pop up add.

You probably have an adblocker (I do and it doesn't show for me either).

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Yes, you are right Jaypan

I have an add blocker add on.

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Ok, I see I'm not alone with wanting the ad to go away and I agree with the goal: I want my internet usage to be private and I want control over who stores my data where. We have absolutely none of that and I doubt we are going to get it. However, it is a key issue of our time and I'll sign/write/email my elected representatives.

But the add is from cloudfront.net and the daywefightback.org. I don't know who they are so I'm just happier emailing/writing rather than giving my email to more folks I don't know.

So now that I am inspired to write, how to I make the annoying ad go away and prevent future ads?

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I completely agree-- and worse than just not wanting to share my info with yet another unknown entity, I found the box frequently taking over my page on every dang page load and causing ipad chrome to lock up and require a restart. It ended up making drupal.org wholly unusable for me today until I added the following css:

#tdwfb-container, #tdwfb-spacer {
   display: none;

I still can't use it on my ipad, but I'll deal now that my laptop is free. Good idea-- but horrible execution.

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I just clicked on the "X" and it is now a much small black bar at the bottom.

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The first 20 times i did that-- it gets old fast. And it would open up again, full size, on every page load-- which made doing anything serious with drupal.org impossible until i could finally get to a laptop and figure out how to get rid of it permanently.