To get and idea of this ill-minded (or not) project :

and about how to do it :

The first thing we need, is really skilled (obviously not like me) Drupal people to help build a decent site and more important to set up the encryption of the Private Messages in Mysql database. Then will come database replication and so on ...

If there is any freak out there interested enough, contact me at and let's start working !

Thx !



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You are predicting a Gap, but assuming deep technological continuity on either side of it - that the electrical system will continue, that the pc/net infrastructure of easy access computing ditto, when pcs themselves are not designed to last for long under even ideal conditions.

You do need a Drupal site for pre Gap communication, but if you want to carry information over The Gap, you need to look at printing, ideally on rag paper for reduced acid decay. These can be put in a safe place. For messages, either do not encrypt, OR tell senders to use an encryption system that can be manually applied, and where the key is innocuous , such as Pontifex - - and to make sure that their intended recipient knows what to do...

At least then you know the data can be read, even if mail is reduced to pony express.

Any system based on electronic databases is likely to end up as a locked box.

Sounds like a good project though - there's a seedbank in Spitzbergen or Svalbard being put together on similar reasoning.

Ian Dickson

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Good point, but this is handled in stage 2 :

when, after clear symptoms of The Gap, messages are distributed further down the chain to non-IT dependent methods (i.e. rag paper).

The objective of encryption at the message gathering stage of the project, is to protect the confidentiality of these very private messages since the moment from when they are submitted to X (first stages of the Gap), making sure obviously, that they are unencrypted down the chain on time.

Completely agree with you that any electronic system will be a locked box, but because of this the distribution chain that will be build, ending up with non-IT methods (the key of the project, along with geographic distribution).

Thanks anyway !