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Form modes are the equivalent of view modes, applied to entity forms. They are useful for managing form displays, just like you manage entity displays in Drupal 7, and for creation of multistep entity forms (like ctools wizards).

Multistep forms, inline entity forms, fieldgroups, and user registration forms will all be managed through a single form mode UI now.

User interface changes

Manage Form Display tab

  • A new 'manage form display' tab appears on Field UI screens, between 'manage fields' and 'manage display' (see above)
  • The manage fields tab no longer has drag-and-drop field ordering
  • Extra fields are no longer displayed in the manage fields tab
  • Form field display widgets (like field formatters) are now managed in the new 'manage form display' screen

API changes

  • A new 'form_mode' configuration entity is introduced, which behaves exactly like the 'view_mode' entity added in #1043198: Convert view modes to ConfigEntity.
  • The 'user_register_form' setting has been removed from all field instances.
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