After installing D8 using standard profile, using Seven or Bartik theme, all config translation pages are broken, giving a fatal PHP error, eg:
and so on.

The error:

PHP Fatal error:  Call to a member function getBodyAttributes() on a non-object in //d8/core/themes/seven/seven.theme on line 39, referer: http://d8.local/admin/config/user-interface/shortcut                                                                                 

It works only with the theme what's using for testing: Stark.

Proposed resolution

Debug the reason and fix it.

User interface changes

None. It should work/look the same.

API changes

No API change.


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Title: Several broken translation pages with Seven theme » Configuration translation only works with Stark
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Priority: Major » Critical
Issue tags: +language-config

Something changed in Stark and/or Bartik and/or the theme system. :/

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Issue tags: +SprintWeekend2014
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Working on this...

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Issue tags: -sprint

Removing from sprint.