I'm trying to override the admin theme for user/%/edit pages. I first set a themekey rule for that path to use my default theme, but I saw the message that "Seven is the admin theme, which is stronger than themekey rules." So I set admin theme to "default". In themekey rules, everywhere I had referenced "=> Administration theme", I changed it to Seven. Then I added a rule for path_is_admin and also specified Seven. I get an error stating "Theme is not activated." [it would be helpful if the error message gave the theme name.]

When I go to admin pages, I see my default theme, not Seven.


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It's a known bug of drupal core that a disabled theme could be selected as administration theme.
If you check /admin/appearance you'll see that Seven is not enabled.

I guess that you selected "Provide all themes for selection" on /admin/config/user-interface/themekey/settings to get Seven selectable. Disable "Provide all themes for selection" and enable Seven on /admin/appearance instead. Now it should work.

But in general I would suggest a different approach for the feature you try to achieve:
1. Re-enable the core administration theme feature as it was by default
2. Upgrade to ThemeKey 7.x-3.0
3. Enable the embedded Module ThemeKey Compatibility module
4. Select "System (Administration theme)" on /admin/config/user-interface/themekey/settings/compat
5. Configure a Theme Switching Rule chain like

drupal_path = user/%/edit >>> YOUR_THEME
themekey_compat:module_system_triggers_theme >>> Triggered
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Actually, I checked to make sure Seven was enabled before I posted this issue. And I just double-checked it again. It's still enabled.

As for "Provide all themes for selection" - I've never had that selected.

However, I will try your "upgrade to 7.x-3.0" suggestion. I'm not sure I understand all the steps you've described, but, hopefully, they will be clear when I see the new version. Thanks for your help.

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Switching to v3.0 worked just fine.

Thanks again.

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You're welcome!

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