Pressflow 6.28
ThemeKey 6.x-4.1
Mobilekey 6.x-1.x-dev
ThemeKey Properties: NOT installed

Cron runs every 30 minutes
Themekey (Cron cleans up page cache) checked

The only enabled theme switching rule : mobile:device = mobile (switch theme to:) FBG


With Caching mode NORMAL enabled:
Mixed. Sometimes site on mobile device displays FBG theme, other times the other blemarine theme.
Similarly: Sometimes site on desktop displays the desired blemarine theme, other times it display FBG that is intended for mobiles

With cache disabled: theme mobile swiching seems ok.


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Status: Active » Closed (works as designed)

That's correct and the way drupal core page caching works. And that's why the property is declared as incompatible with page caching as indicated by the icon on the most left in the rule chain.
To implement what you need there're different approaches already discussed in the issue queue. The best is to use a subdomain for mobile in combination with ThemeKey Redirect module. But this will require Drupal 7.x.

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Many thanks for your support & immediate response.