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  • Founder and Lead Developer. Drupal was founded by Dries Buytaert, who retains primary control over the software and makes most decisions on proposed changes. In approving or rejecting proposals and patches, he gives special weight to comments made by people he trusts and respects for their past contributions to Drupal.
  • Core committers. A small team that reviews proposed changes and maintains code. They are the only ones who have write access to the core repository.
  • Maintainer. Though not directly making decisions, maintainers have informal responsibility for a designated portion of the core (for example, a particular core module). Individual areas of responsibility are listed in the file MAINTAINERS.txt. Maintainers are appointed by Dries. Core contributors who have made substantive contributions (particularly to a core component not individually maintained) may apply for Maintainer status by writing to Dries. Dries may also individually invite them.
  • Core contributor. Core contributors are those who contribute code patches or documentation for the Drupal core. The contributions are peer reviewed and then decided on by Dries or another of the core committers. Anyone can submit patches against Drupal core.

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