Hi.. there,

My testing team requires me to put CAPTCHA in IMCE browse server window.

There are three forms in that window (i) imce_upload_form (ii) imce_fileop_form and (iii) imce_mkdir_form.

I could accomplish two forms for adding CAPTCHA i.e. imce_upload_form and imce_mkdir_form.

Though, CAPTCHA is applied to imce_fileop_form also but it does not show up any where in that window and while performing any operations e.g. deleting some files the applied CAPTCHA which is hidden not allows to perform the operation.

Can someone help me how to apply CAPTCHA in imce_fileop_form so that it is visible to the user for filling in the write answer before performing the operation.

You can see the screenshot where no CAPTCHA is displayed but an error message comes out.

Best regards..

imce-captcha.png89.45 KBprakashsingh
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Each fieldset(thumbnails, resize, delete) in imce_fileop_form becomes an operation tab in IMCE UI. You may put the captcha into one of the fieldsets. However it will be shown only in one operation UI.