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To have your Bootstrap site working on IE8 you have to follow this steps:

  1. Install Respond.js files using Respond.js Module.
  2. Disable any CDN to load Bootstrap files.
  3. Install Bootstrap files locally using Bootstrap Library Module.
  4. Aggregate and compress CSS files in /admin/config/development/performance.

Internet Explorer 8 requires Respond.js to enable media query support.

When using response.js, you cannot use CDN to load Bootstrap files and you have to enable aggregate and compress CSS files in /admin/config/development/performance because otherwise Drupal will use @import to reference CSS files.

  • Due to browser security rules, Respond.js doesn't work with pages viewed via the file:// protocol (like when opening a local HTML file). To test responsive features in IE8, view your pages over HTTP(S). See the Respond.js docs for details.
  • Respond.js doesn't work with CSS that's referenced via @import. See the Respond.js docs for details.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.

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it's working for me.

instead of using directly using page.tpl.php / html.tpl.php