Will it be possible for Flex Slider to have an "Infinite Loop" feature like many sliders do, such as Bx-Slider?

Just to clarify, "infinite loop" is a feature where when your slideshow is looping, it keeps sliding in the same direction, so the first slide shows up right after the last slide, all going in the same direction, instead of having to reverse direction to go back to the first slide.


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It seems that this feature was already requested 2 years ago: https://github.com/woothemes/FlexSlider/issues/287.
Unfortunately it is still not implemented yet.

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Hi, any chance that this issue will be assigned any soon?
It would greatly improve it!

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This option is already available I believe in the flexslider optionset configuration area. You can set a checkbox named "Loop" for this effect. It's a little buggy for me at the moment when you immediately go reverse it appears to clone the first slide but my situation may be unique. Will post a separate issue later.

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In my case, after struggling for a while to achieve this, I decided to use Slick ( https://www.drupal.org/project/slick ). It's as stable as Flex Slider and I found no cons. Also it's good for responsive design sites. FYI.

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