I am really struggling with this issue. Every time I try to upload an image to our Drupal server the upload, nothing gets uploaded and no error is displayed, although I have seen these errors in the Drupal log:

The file upload failed. field_image_0

I have checked the file permissions of /tmp (and that PHP is using that as the temp directory) and that www-data can write to /var/www/www.xoomtalk.com/htdocs/sites/default/files. Also have temporarily disables the .htaccess files in the directories concerned to see if that makes a difference but it does not.

I have the feeling that this is a permissions issue but struggling to see where.

Any help gratefully received



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Edit - I also seem to get this error sometimes:

Upload error. Could not move uploaded file gbbs_banner_180x150.png to destination sites/default/files/gbbs_banner_180x150.png.

Smacks of file permissions but sites/default/files is set to 777, and have verified that www-data can move a file from /tmp to sites/default/files.