Drupal8 HEAD - 4th december 2013 8:44

For me this has been broken for a while it is time to be reported.

How to reproduce

First thing after an install, or after clearing the cache.
Visit "/admin/people"

Screen shot shows output after debug is enabled in settings.php.
The text file included is the output passed through htmlspecialchars_decode()

Note: The page displays correctly after 2 further retries.

Proposed resolution

No clear direction on the bug hunt yet...The only promising lead I see from the mess that is the debug output is the following

Not Found

The requested URL "@path" was not found on this server.

So I am tracing the services pulled in by the page request .. hoping to get lucky
Any advice welcome.

Remaining tasks

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admin:people screen grab.png386.43 KBmartin107
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I am not able to reproduce this, and it seems unlikely that such a catastrophic failure would not be caught by the automated tests.

"MySQL server has gone away" often indicates a database connection timeout and not a code problem, maybe you can try increasing your timeout setting?

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Thanks for the feedback

In /sites/default/settings.php I had set

$settings['twig_debug'] = TRUE; and this was causing my apc cache to overflow.

I repeatedly doubled the cache size from 128 to 1GB without fixing the issue. When I set twig_debug to false the apc cache size for the page request is only 5MB and the overflow problem goes away.

So the problem becomes "Buyer Beware" - secondary apc and timeout issues hamper template debugging!

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Title: /admin/people is broken with unprimed cache. » using $settings['twig_debug'] = TRUE; can be problematic
Component: user system » other
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Status: Active » Postponed (maintainer needs more info)
Issue tags: +Twig

@martin107 Can you provide your api.ini and version of PHP so we can properly test this issue?

Tagging to get a bit more exposure on

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Status: Postponed (maintainer needs more info) » Closed (cannot reproduce)

hmm cannot reproduce today, but then drupal8 has changes so much