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An excellent Drupal Dojo screencast called "Theming like a pro" that shows how to convert a static XHTML/CSS template into a Drupal theme (in a few minutes!), then shows how a theme can be customized further, including template.php.

More info and the screencast itself here:

Also of interest: another worked example of converting an XHTML template into a Drupal theme (just instructions, no screencast).

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The link is dead. Is there another page we can find the video at?

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But I could only take about 20 minutes of it.... looks like it goes on for a good hour to hour and a half. Video is really choppy because authors a flipping back forth with too much.

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The video for them-ing like a pro from the Drupal Dojo really was not helpful. The first 15mins is a waste of time while they fumble through technical problems and geeky introductions. For 20 mins the lecture did not even start. Then it goes way over your head working with php. I cant believe drupal does not have a decent set of tutorial video walk troughs for simple stuff like working with templates and basic customizations. So far most of the help I get is not as clear as Drupal promises. The learning curve is far Im disappointed

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Hi, i'm nube like you, and i found lots of difficulties to make my first template work. I read an italian guide which report wrong code, so i spent a day just to understand how drupal works and what i should do for make the code clean (thanks english documentation). My girlfriend was disappointed too, cause she said i didn't spent enough time for her just in a vacation day, but finally, aftern millions mistakes, i found out the right way.
Still i'm learning new things, but the first step is done, and now i can appreciate the great costumization of drupal, the complex management of the content, learning drupal i think you can manage very complex websites like no other open-source CMS!
I'm agree with the lack of simple and clear tutorial on web, i think drupal team should advance in communication, but everyone of us can help the team in doing this, we should firstly thanks them for their work as developer, then help them in better way ;)

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LOL, been there bro, most of us (developers) have problems with girlfriends (dunno if its the same for married couples).

I can recommend you the following (I'm learning them now and my feedback is excellent):

  1. - Drupal Essential Training (start with this one)
  2. - Creating and editing custom themes (this one's a little old...but you can still learn somethings)
  3. - Theming basics for Drupal 7 Series
  4. - Advanced Theming for Drupal 7 series

Hope these help, please follow the order. Of course, if you know the basics you can jump to the next one.
Happy learning!