With include_tax_in_rrp set to TRUE the RRP price takes into account commerce_tax taxes but not commerce_eu_vat taxes.

This fixes it.

fix_eu_vat.patch900 byteshlykos
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Hi, I've just tested this patch and it seems that the VAT amount being added to the RRP is the VAT calculated AFTER the discount. Being a complete newbie on Drupal Commerce I developed a quick hack that seems to be working, although I'm sure this isn't the right way to do this. The changes are:

>     // save VAT rate
>     foreach ($variables['price']['data']['components'] as $component_key => $component_value) {
>       $component_name = $component_value['name'];
>       if (substr($component_name, 0, 3) == 'vat') {
>         $vat_rate = $component_value['price']['data']['vat_rate_info']['rate'];
>       }
>     }
>       }elseif (substr($component_name, 0, 3) == 'vat') {
>         if (isset($vat_rate)) {
>           $rrp += $rrp * $vat_rate;
>         }

Complete code block:

  if ($variables['options']['include_tax_in_rrp'] == TRUE) {

    // save VAT rate
    foreach ($variables['price']['data']['components'] as $component_key => $component_value) {
      $component_name = $component_value['name'];
      if (substr($component_name, 0, 3) == 'vat') {
        $vat_rate = $component_value['price']['data']['vat_rate_info']['rate'];


    foreach ($variables['components'] as $component_name => $component_value) {
      if (substr($component_name, 0, 3) == 'tax') {
        $rrp += $component_value['price']['amount'];
      }elseif (substr($component_name, 0, 3) == 'vat') {
        if (isset($vat_rate)) {
          $rrp += $rrp * $vat_rate;

Hope this helps somehow

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I applied the above patch to my site and it's worked OK for me. I did get an error saying hunk 2 failed on the patch, after reviewing the code all was correct and my prices are now displaying correctly.

After hacking my code to the same as #1 this has helped.


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#1 worked for me so far!

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#1 worked, in dev release
tested 2 but I've had an error and wrong rrp price.

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Thanks for a patch. In my case it was counting RRP price badly for some reason, not accurate.

I replaced the line

$rrp += $rrp * $vat_rate;


$rrp += $component_value['price']['amount'];

and now it is counting good again. However I do not really know what I did, was just messing around and somehow it works.

Anyway thanks for a great patch.