Hello (and sorry for my english),

Facts: i've built a multilanguage website, so i've installed internationalize, varaibles, localizer modules, etc.
For every basic pages, menus and added blocks, there is no problem. The french language is displayed in my .fr, the english language in my .com.

But, i've created a view (some news), with pubication date and title (this view is "inserted" in a block). What i want is that the french title is only displayed in french site, and english title in the english page. And it doesn't work. Even if the related basic page is well displayed, all the english and french titles are displayed in the french and english website.

If you have understood what i want, could you tell me how to do that ?

Thanks for your answers,



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To better understand the issue, could you please provide direct links to the news pages where the issue is present? This will help others to provide you with more information how to resolve the issue.


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Ok, i will try to.

The old french website is here: www.geo-instrumentation.fr. On the left, you can see the "news" block. You've got the same in english, here: http://www.geo-instrumentation.com/

Now, the new french website is here: http://geoinstr.cluster006.ovh.net/, and you can see the result in the news block (french and english traduction, not decided between the two different languages)
The new english website is not online (in fact, all the website is still in local environment).

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I reply to myself, and may be you who have the same problem:
Download and install internationazileviews module
Put a language filter (actuel language filter) in my (your) view.
That's all !