I´ve created a site on my pc running as localhost. Everything works fine regarding the URL aliases. I´ve manually added all aliases.

Now I have uploaded the site to a webhost...but when I enter the site,the aliases are not shown at all.
If I edit the articles etc. then the alias is shown in the URL Alias text field.

So why are they gone online ??


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You probably haven't uploaded your .htaccess file. It's a hidden file in your drupal root folder and easy to miss.

Did i answer your question on the forums? I love to hear a reply wether or not it worked for you!
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All .htacces files are uploaded.

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Are clean URLs working on the webhost?

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Probaly not as it is a friend of my mine and not a webhosting company. That could be the reason.

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The clean URLs should work if mod_rewrite is enabled in the web server configuration. I am assuming that you are using Apache web server.