How to backup all site (file and db) and restore in Drupal?
In joomla, I can use AKeeba Backup module.

It can backup all site on the backend in one step.
and Use the backup achrive file to restore too.

is there any free module can do this?



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Dear K3z
Thx for your help.
I am new in Durpal,I don't have use backup_migrate.
I had used joomla,so I try to search one module like akkeba backup module to
backup and restore firendy.

1.Does it backup only database? or it can backup database and site's file at the same time?
2.can it restore database and files at the same time?
3.if i use XAMPP for durpal, At first,I build s soure site,then I backup source site ,and restore othe test site by source backup file. does it need set other config? (IN Akkeba,I use on page when restore).

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This should explain it for you:
From what I understand, you can do what you require with backup and migrate (plus possibly some extra modules like but unlike Akeeba, restoring is a manual process.

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Dear K3z:
Thx help.
First ,I install backup and migrate Module ,NO install backup_migrate_files-7.x-1.x-dev
i follow 2 article to try it
in atrile 2,Step 8. Enter the new database information
I can see the step to set db, just show stand setting for "site information .."
but I still fininsh the install.

And Step 9. Activate the modules
it show :Activate Pathauto and Token.
But ,I can see only backup and marigate ,no other moduld :Pathauto and Token ,and backup and marigate file

Shuld I install backup and marigate file before I backup?

finally,It still restore db to new site. I should try it ,does't it no relation between old and new site.

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Dear K3z:
Another Question is ,In B and M Module,It has a schedule Tab,It has "Backup every .. ".
But I can set it start backup time? is there any idea when it start backup.

I don't know what schedule it bind?