Download barracuda-6.x-2.0-rc10.tar.gztar.gz 487.67 KB
MD5: 0f0d02a7efeee8123d0f62c9ad7e86d5
SHA-1: 2c226869d5fa8aae60ecf6d541a8456978a8f94e
SHA-256: 5e7206c43044486bfd85ef8380c57787bcb3f8643effbc0aaca5f09fc53e14d7
Download barracuda-6.x-2.0-rc10.zipzip 571.14 KB
MD5: 2259e3d804f75613218c57a5b0348bbf
SHA-1: 75661199ed510ba25b37711ad9c18978d4e0036f
SHA-256: 69ae00ebf23bd65ccfa7366d9fb3de506099203670c1eb1b9cc0bd5c8106232b

Release info

Created by: omega8cc
Created on: 3 Nov 2013 at 02:26 UTC
Last updated: 9 Nov 2013 at 22:38 UTC
Core compatibility: 6.x
Release type: Bug fixes, New features

Release notes

### Stable BOA-2.1.0 Release - Full Edition - Now NSA-proof
### Date: Sat Nov 2 18:15:19 EDT 2013
### Includes Aegir 2.x-boa-custom version.

# Release Notes:

There are some really important changes and improvements in this release
you should be aware of before running your BOA system upgrade.

Even if you are on a hosted BOA system with upgrades managed for you,
it is very important to read at least this release notes.

And if you are more curious, read also the giant changelog further below.

Besides all changes, fixes and improvements, all currently supported
Drupal distributions have been upgraded to use latest Drupal core versions.

Plus, there are seven (7) NEW platforms included!

#-### Control files to customize your BOA system per platform and per site

Almost all control files are now replaced with two centralized,
platform and site specific INI files, using standard PHP INI format.

The platform specific INI file template with extensive documentation
included, has filename default.boa_platform_control.ini and is located
in the sites/all/modules directory.

The site specific INI file template with extensive documentation
included, has filename default.boa_site_control.ini and is located
in the sites/ directory.

Any existing control files, both on the platform and site level
will be automatically converted into active INI files and then deleted
to avoid confusion, also automatically, on the first run of the special
maintenance script: /var/xdrago/ but defaults in the
file will allow for smooth, fully automated transition.

This change will improve customizing your BOA system maintainability
and overall system performance/load thanks to minimized files checks.

#-### Empty and not used platforms auto-cleanup

BOA has finally the ability to auto-delete, during daily maintenance,
which happens each morning (server time zone), all empty and not used
platforms. While on all hosted instances the TTL (time-to-live) is set
to 60 days (counted since last verify task date/time on the platform),
it can be configured per instance in the /root/.USER.octopus.cnf file
by changing value of _DEL_OLD_EMPTY_PLATFORMS variable to anything
higher than 0 (days), which is default (and means the feature is OFF).

Note that every Octopus instance upgrade re-verifies all existing platforms,
so if you will configure the TTL to 90 days but you will run the upgrade
every month or every two months, no platforms will ever be deleted.

If you wish to have this TTL customized on the hosted instance, where
it is set to 60 (days) by default, please open a support ticket via:

Remotely managed BOA systems can have this feature enabled and configured
upon request submitted via

#-### All-in-One Site Health Check in your Aegir control panel

You will notice a new Task available on every site page in your Aegir
Control Panel, named "Run health check". This new task will run a few
important tests on your site and will store all results in the Task Log,
so you easily review all results by clicking on the "View" button to the
right of the task, when it is complete. Make sure to check all details
by clicking on the "Expand" links in the log.

What are the tests included?

1. The "drush clean-modules" command will be run for you to make sure
there is no module left in the system table as "enabled" while it
no longer even exists on the system. This part will utilize (behind
the scenes) extension:
If it will find any such leftover, it will clean it up, automatically.

2. The "drush6 pm-updatestatus" command is a native Drush command which
tells you if there are any waiting module/code updates in the site.
Note: it will *not* upgrade anything, it is a check only.
Of course there should be no updates waiting if you follow Aegir
site upgrade best practices and your site's code is up to date.
Yes, this check will automatically enable the "update" module for you,
but it will not auto-disable it afterwards (to not break things in case
it is required by some other module or feature).

3. The "drush6 status-report" command is a native Drush command
which provides you a complete overview of your site status.
Instead of logging into the site, you can review it easily here.

4. The "drush6 updatedb-status" command is a native Drush command
which tells you if there are any waiting database updates in the site.
Note: it will *not* apply these updates, it is a check only.
Of course there should be no updates waiting if you follow Aegir
site upgrade best practices, but who knows, hence the check.

5. The "drush security-review" command will run only on Drupal 7 based sites
and provides some additional information by using (behind the scenes)
this extension:

#-### PFS (Perfect Forward Secrecy) support in Nginx

BOA now fully supports the most secure, yet still compatible with most
used systems and browsers SSL configuration.

All hosted BOA instances have been already upgraded automatically and
you don't need to do anything to make it work -- it is already done
for you -- both on any SSL enabled site with dedicated certificate
and IP address and also on the standard, system-wide SSL proxy level,
which is available for every hosted site -- just type HTTPS:// in the URL.

On self-hosted instances it needs to be enabled by adding a line in your
/root/.barracuda.cnf file: _NGINX_FORWARD_SECRECY=YES before the upgrade.
Note that depending on the system used, it may auto-install some
requirements like latest OpenSSL libraries and packages.

Remotely managed BOA systems can have this feature enabled upon request
submitted via

#-### SPDY (new networking protocol) support in Nginx

BOA now fully supports the advanced, new protocol which allows to run
sites over HTTPS with much better performance than plain HTTP.

While not all browsers support this protocol yet, it is already enabled
by default on all hosted BOA instances (but obviously works only when you
access the site via HTTPS:// in the URL).

On self-hosted instances it needs to be enabled by adding a line in your
/root/.barracuda.cnf file: _NGINX_SPDY=YES before the upgrade.
Note that depending on the system used, it may auto-install some
requirements like latest OpenSSL libraries and packages.

Remotely managed BOA systems can have this feature enabled upon request
submitted via

#-### Zend OPcache replaced APC in PHP

Newer versions of PHP already come with next generation opcode cache
from Zend, which is now open-sourced and available also as an extension
for older PHP versions, including 5.2 and 5.3

BOA leverages this opportunity and now uses Zend OPcache instead of APC.

This change is introduced automatically on all systems, both hosted
and managed for you and also self-hosted.

Only Debian Squeeze and Ubuntu Precise systems which are using PHP
installed from packages and not from sources, so with _BUILD_FROM_SRC=NO
set in the /root/.barracuda.cnf file, still use APC by default.
You can install Zend OPcache by changing it to _BUILD_FROM_SRC=YES
before running the upgrade.

Note that Zend OPcache default configuration caches every script for
60 seconds, so any changes you will introduce, will be visible with
up to 1 minute delay. However, if there is .dev. or .devel. in the site
name, this delay is lowered automatically to just 1 second.

You can change the default per site permanently by adding in the
local.settings.php preferred value, for example, to set it to 10 seconds:
ini_set('opcache.revalidate_freq', '10'); -- but remember that you will
override default (1 second) for dev URLs using this method.

Enjoy the most advanced, NSA-proof BOA Edition yet!

# New Octopus platforms:

### Drupal 7.23.3

Open Academy 1.0-rc3 ---------
Open Atrium 2.0 --------------
OpenBlog 1.0-a2 --------------
OpenScholar 3.8.1 ------------
Recruiter 1.1 ----------------
Spark 1.0-a9 -----------------
Totem 1.1 --------------------

# Updated Octopus platforms:

### Drupal 7.23.3

Commerce 1.20 ----------------
Commerce 2.9 -----------------
Commons 3.4 ------------------
Conference 1.0-a2 ------------
Drupal 7.23.3 ----------------
Open Deals 1.27 --------------
Open Outreach 1.2 ------------
OpenChurch 1.11-b14 ----------
Panopoly 1.0-rc5 -------------
Ubercart 3.5.1 ---------------

### Pressflow 6.28.2

Commons 2.13 -----------------
Feature Server 1.2 -----------
Managing News 1.2.3 ----------
Open Atrium 1.7.1 ------------
Pressflow 6.28.2 -------------
ProsePoint 0.46 --------------
Ubercart 2.12.1 --------------

# New features and enhancements in this release:

* Add a workaround for an edge case problem -- a missing /etc/resolv.conf
* Add auto-config for AdvAgg on both Drupal 7 and Drupal 6.
* Add command to check for available updates: `drushextra check updates`
* Add gems for Omega 4 by default.
* Add sass-globbing gem by default.
* Allow to install latest OpenSSH from sources with _SSH_FROM_SOURCES
* Allow to install latest OpenSSL from sources with _SSL_FROM_SOURCES
* Anonymize lshell intro message.
* Better code sharing with central core dirs for all built-in platforms.
* BOA installer wrapper depends on curl instead of wget.
* Do not stop/start cron if /root/.upstart.cnf control file exists.
* Drush: Add embedded how-to for aliased commands.
* Enable views_cache_bully and views_content_cache if views is enabled.
* Firewall: Disable incoming ping/ICMP.
* Firewall: Protect port 80 only with CONNLIMIT and remove it from PORTFLOOD.
* Firewall: Update config template and enable port/syn flood protection
* FTP: Allow to list/see up to 3000 files/subdirs in a directory.
* Improve performance.
* Improve dist-upgrade procedure.
* Improve docs/MODULES.txt
* Improve meta-installers auto-update procedures.
* Improve SQL limits auto-configuration.
* Install pdnsd as a last service.
* Issue #2000932 - Add also zen-grids.
* Issue #2015553 - Fix the logic for protected registration of new accounts.
* Issue #2044589 - SPDY Nginx support.
* Issue #2052703 - Conversion from control files to ini includes.
* Issue #2092599 - Switch to disable MySQL password reset on upgrades.
* Issue #2105477 - Add support for bundler gem.
* Issue #2116387 - Nginx and PHP: Improve system hardening.
* Issue #2116395 - Nginx: Better protection and 404 instead of 403.
* Issue #2118393 - Mark drush/cron as newrelic_background_job
* Make Bazaar installation optional with BZR keyword required in _XTRAS_LIST
* Nginx: Use forced HTTPS-only access for Chive and SQL Buddy.
* PHP: Add experimental support for 5.4 and 5.5
* PHP: Install Zend OPcache instead of deprecated APC by default.
* PHP: Reload FPM hourly unless /root/.high_traffic.cnf exists.
* Restart db server when backup is complete if /root/.my.optimize.cnf exists.
* Restore support for Expire and Purge modules.
* Shell: Add gunzip to allowed commands.
* Shell: Disable mc on the fly unless /root/ control file exists.
* Shell: Use MySecureShell 1.31 for SFTP by default.
* Try to download wrapper 4 times before it gives up.
* Use MySQLTuner to better tune SQL configuration on install and upgrade.
* Use sqlmagic to fix errors caused by duplicate keys in the db dump.
* Use standard D7 profile for Ubercart 3 and update related contrib.
* We no longer depend on for any downloads.
* Add optional, configurable per site, automated and smart (via sqlmagic tool)
DB table format/engine conversion, enabled per instance with non-default
* Add support for _MODULES_SKIP variable and make the auto-disable agent
much smarter to never disable any module defined as required by any other
module or feature.
* Improve auto-recovery from manual permissions/ownership big mistakes
related to critical files and dirs.
* Issue #2067193 - PFS (Perfect Forward Secrecy) support in Nginx with
* Use _DEL_OLD_EMPTY_PLATFORMS to enable and define auto-cleanup for old,
empty platforms with no sites hosted, separately per Satellite instance
(it does not affect Master instance).
* Issue #2000932 - Add more Compass tools/extensions: (compass_radix,
zurb-foundation) and make sure the gems are updated on upgrade.
* Nginx: Add support for domain specific /robots.txt mapped to static
files/$host.robots.txt to make it possible to manage it per domain
also when Domain Access module is used.
* Improve the logic for daily permissions fix (no longer enabled by default)
and make it configurable via _PERMISSIONS_FIX variable.
* Improve the logic for daily modules fix (still enabled by default)
and make it configurable via _MODULES_FIX variable.
* Generate static sites/ file per site, which is
mapped to /robots.txt

# New and updated Aegir modules or extensions:

* Add security_review extension
* Use registry_rebuild 7.x-2.x

# New o_contrib modules:

* Add Advagg 6 and 7 to all platforms.
* Add force_password_change to all platforms.
* Add views_cache_bully to all platforms.

# Changes in this release:

* Chive 1.3
* cURL 7.33.0 as an option.
* Drush 5.10.0 and 6.1.0 (available as drush5 and drush6)
* Git
* Lshell
* MariaDB 5.5.33a
* Nginx 1.5.6
* Nginx: ngx_cache_purge-2.1
* OpenSSH 6.3p1 as an option.
* Percona 5.5.33
* PHP 5.4.21 and 5.5.5 as an option.
* Redis 2.6.16
* Vnstat 1.11
* Deprecate CiviCRM as a separate platform.
* Remove obsolete MartPlug distro.
* Move OpenPublish to unsupported.
* Move NodeStream to unsupported.
* Do not include D6 core translations, never included also in D7 platforms.
* Do not include notoriously buggy backup_migrate module.

# Fixes in this release:

* Add all extra, non-standard options in the barracuda.cnf docs template.
* Add built-in support for Domain Access also for sites/all/modules/contrib
* Add exception to support commerce_multicurrency module properly.
* Add info about self-signed SSL certificate in the welcome e-mail (again).
* Add support for /usr/etc/sshd_config if exists.
* Always force update_newrelic - even if there is no new PHP version.
* Better check for GitHub partial downtime.
* Better logic for clean resolvconf re-install when needed.
* Contrib: Make the list readable.
* Delete too old pid files if any exists.
* Do not allow to break working DNS cache server with parent system overrides.
* Do not allow to install OpenSSL and cURL from sources also on Precise.
* Do not install rsyslog on VZ based VM.
* Do not set session.cookie_secure on SSL requests for sites < D7
* Enable dev mode also when HTTP_HOST begins with dev.
* Firewall: Adjust some defaults to improve flood protection,
* Firewall: Always upgrade, unless _CUSTOM_CONFIG_CSF is set to YES.
* Firewall: Better support for auto-whitelisting multi-IP systems.
* Firewall: Fix csf.uidignore file to whitelist important system uids.
* Firewall: Fix for csf template on VZ.
* Firewall: Improve some flood protection defaults.
* Firewall: Improve whitelisted IPs msg.
* Firewall: Remove deprecated monitoring for now closed port 25 (incoming).
* Firewall: Update config template.
* Firewall: VZ compatibility.
* Fix for /etc/resolv.conf and curl requirement in the BOA Meta Installer.
* Fix for cron tasks queue.
* Fix for forced pdnsd and resolvconf upgrades.
* Fix for incorrect nproc discovery results on some VM systems.
* Fix for proper handling mysql connections leftovers.
* Fix for selected packages hold status.
* Fix for the auto-update logic -- now it is default.
* Fix permissions for control files to avoid leftovers on delete task.
* Fix permissions on default backup_migrate dirs.
* Fix the auto-healing to avoid killing all php-fpm processes at midnight.
* Fix the automatic generation of static robots.txt file per site.
* Fix the daily enable/disable logic and use faster drush version.
* Fix the logic for chained installs from sources on upgrade.
* Fix the makefiles to avoid issues after d.o upgrade.
* Fix the not really working auto-healing to properly restart mysqld.
* Fix the not really working lshell logs monitor.
* Force clean pdnsd and resolvconf reinstall when needed.
* Force contrib update to include redis module stable release.
* Force cURL and OpenSSH re-install from sources when OpenSSL is from src.
* Force Git rebuild from sources if SSL/cURL was built from sources.
* Force Lshell rebuild when OpenSSL is installed from sources.
* Force MSS and FTP rebuild when OpenSSL is installed from sources.
* Force Nginx, PHP and Pure-FTPd re-install when OpenSSL is from sources.
* Force PHP-FPM restart if 9+ connections with 499 in the last 60 seconds.
* Generate 2048 bit long DH parameters when _NGINX_FORWARD_SECRECY=YES
* IDS monitor should use lower defaults after introducing last min checks.
* Improve gem and bundler allowed/denied restrictions.
* Improve procs monitoring and whitelist backend tasks properly.
* Improvements for Ubercart 2 installation + contrib updates.
* Install latest CGP, collectd 5 compatible.
* Issue #1751916 - Add Spark 1.0-a9
* Issue #1874786 - Fix for GNU Mailutils support.
* Issue #1991312 - Fix support and auto-config for AdvAgg 7 and HTTPRL.
* Issue #1991658 - Firewall: Close port 25 for incoming connections
* Issue #1994346 - DoS protection for not cached URLs doesn't respect $scheme
* Issue #1994346 - Fix the logic for SSESS/SESS prefix in the cookie name.
* Issue #1995342 - X-Accel-Expires is never send when $expire_in_seconds == 0
* Issue #2002678 - barracuda up-stable system adds annoying extra delay.
* Issue #2005116 - 403 on every attempt to log in from Hostmaster homepage.
* Issue #2015551 - Fix for broken dev mode support switch.
* Issue #2015551 - Fix the keyword check used to trigger "dev" mode.
* Issue #2020043 - Send PUT requests for *.json URI to Drupal.
* Issue #2032379 - _AUTOPILOT=YES should be forced also for "silent" modes.
* Issue #2083373 - drush dl foo --destination=/path/ should be restricted.
* Issue #2101193 - Support Drupal for Facebook from sites/all/modules/contrib
* Issue #2105259 - All Platforms Installation Fails with Permission Denied.
* Issue #2116177 - Use phpredis 2.2.4
* Lshell: Better settings for newer Drush versions.
* Lshell: Fix for env_path
* Lshell: version update and monitoring improvements.
* Make sure o_contrib is updated also on head-to-head upgrades.
* Make sure to rebuild PHP if cURL is installed from sources.
* Make the upgrade e-mail generic.
* More compact code for downloads.
* Move csf/lfd corrections after pdnsd install.
* Move the giant modules list from README.txt to docs/MODULES.txt
* Nginx: Add access protection for .txt files in the modules|themes|libraries.
* Nginx: Add access protection with fast 404 also for authorize.php
* Nginx: Add access protection with fast 404 for extra .php known URLs.
* Nginx: Add example site specific config for legacy .php URIs 301 redirects.
* Nginx: Better support for static and dynamic .json requests/URIs
* Nginx: Deny spiders on glossary/* URI, as they are never allowed to crawl.
* Nginx: Fix for dynamically generated PDFs.
* Nginx: Fix for redirects for legacy URLs with asp/aspx extension.
* Nginx: Improve auto-whitelisting in the access log monitor.
* Nginx: Improve POST requests monitoring.
* Nginx: Move AJAX and webform requests location after civicrm location.
* Nginx: Normalize newlines and spacing when fixing proxy config files.
* Nginx: Remove 'results' from the bots-protected URI regex.
* Nginx: Remove deprecated conf.d directory, if exists.
* Nginx: Replace legacy keyword gulag with neutral limreq everywhere.
* Nginx: Replace the zone legacy name also in Provision.
* Nginx: Rewrite legacy requests with /index.php to extension-free URL.
* Nginx: The /admin* URI protection logic has been moved to
* Nginx: Update gzip_types to list all expected mime.types
* Nginx: Update headers for AdvAgg compatibility.
* Nginx: Update mime.types
* Nginx: Use more precise wildcard in paths for replacements.
* PHP: 5.4 requires uploadprogress-
* PHP: Disable ionCube Loader for PHP 5.5
* PHP: Do not force extensions re-install unless _PHP_FORCE_REINSTALL=YES
* PHP: Fix config overrides for 5.4 and 5.5
* PHP: Fix possible issues with legacy 5.2 support logic.
* PHP: Fix unintended overrides in the ini files.
* PHP: Force All Extensions Rebuild when _FROM_SOURCES=NO
* PHP: Force APC instead of Zend OPcache on Squeeze/Precise on no-src install.
* PHP: Force legacy version rebuild if exists.
* PHP: Improve rebuild logic if SSL/cURL was built from sources.
* PHP: Make sure that latest version of ionCube loader is installed.
* PHP: Rebuild extensions also for 5.2, even if _PHP_MODERN_ONLY=YES
* PHP: Set opcache.revalidate_freq to 1 second on dev alias/URL on the fly.
* PHP: Start more FPM workers by default to avoid Nginx 499 and timeouts.
* PHP: Use correct version of ioncube_loader for 5.4
* PHP: Use pecl-jsmin-0.1.1 with newer PHP versions.
* PHP: Zend OPcache is a zend_extension and needs full path in the php.ini
* Redis: Make redis_client_password optional and none by default.
* Reload PHP-FPM before auto-healing will force its restart after midnight.
* Remove already deprecated platforms.
* Remove insecure files from libraries/plupload/examples.
* Remove lock files before adding new users.
* Security updates for selected contrib on all affected D7 platforms.
* Shell: Fix FTPS compatibility after switching to MySecureShell
* Shell: Sync IdleTimeOut for MSS with SSH and FTPS default 15m.
* Shorten some too long status messages.
* Silent Mode Option: aegir == Only stock Aegir forced up-head upgrade.
* Simplify vnstat setup.
* Split usage monitor into two separate scripts.
* SQL auto-healing should always stop-stop-start and not just restart it.
* SQL: Allow the engine to manage correct innodb_thread_concurrency value.
* SSH: Make sure that 'UseDNS no' is always set.
* Sync $cookie_domain validation with Drupal 7 core.
* Sync dates with BOA defaults.
* Unify apt-get options order.
* Update for Redis config template.
* Update or create /etc/apt/sources.list early enough.
* Update PHP and SQL config early enough to avoid issues during upgrade.
* Use --force-yes option if apt-get -y is used.
* Use correct version of /etc/apt/preferences
* Use drush6 only when required.
* Use extended GitHub tests on HEAD and non-stock build only.
* Use forced symlinks mode if possible.
* Use is_readable() check instead of file_exists() for all includes.
* Use mirror downloads for all contrib and patches to make it faster.
* Use more restrictive permissions on lshell log files.


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