I have coded a JW Player on my website. I put the code for the player in the content of the basic page I want the player on, and used the Full HTML edit mode. I could not get the JW Player module to work but I found that putting the code into the actual basic page as content worked. And it looks great, works well as long as I am logged in. Once I log out the player does not display and therefore I can't play the video. I looked through the permissions that Anonymous Users have and they do have the permissions to view published content and I am 100% sure my basic page with my JW Player has been published.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this? Could my problem be from my JW Player module not working?


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Sounds like a permission issue. Try going into the permissions and make sure the content type is accessible for unauthenticated users.

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I am confused. I thought JW Player was a module and that is what I would be changing permissions for. I went to the JW Player module's permissions and the only options given were to administer the module. I didn't know it could be a content type.