If you are reading this announcement right now, then we did it! Drupal.org runs on Drupal 7. This was a big and complicated project, which took longer than we expected. But we are finally done.

What changed?

Our goal was a straight port to Drupal 7 without major changes to functionality or layout, but with greatly improved code under the hood. However some things did change, please see Drupal.org D7 F.A.Q. for details. Overall Drupal 7 gives us more flexibility to implement new features and there will be a boost in performance for some of the pages.

NOTE: issues are still being indexed, listings and searches will show incomplete results till the indexing is done.

What’s next?

There probably will be some bugs. If you encounter something unusual, please check the Drupal.org D7 F.A.Q. first. It may be that the change was intentional. If you are sure that you found a bug, please use the D7 upgrade QA queue to report them.

* * *

The only thing we really want to say now is.. let’s party THANK YOU!

Thank you to all of you for being patient with us during this long project. We know it took longer than anticipated and there were some bumps along the way. Our only goal throughout the project was to make Drupal.org better for all of you.

Thank you to all our fantastic contributors. There are so many of them, we even have a special page. Thank you:

Andrei Mateescu / amateescu
Joel Moore / banghouse
Rudy Grigar / basic
Brandon Bergren / bdragon
Tom Behets / betz
Bojhan Somers / Bojhan
Chi / Chi
Ian Carrico / ChinggizKhan
Nell Hardcastle / chizu
Karoly Negyesi / chx
Bill O'Conner / csevb10
Dave Reid / davereid
David Strauss / David Strauss
Meghan Palagyi / dead_arm
Dave Fletcher / dfletcher
Derek Wright / dww
Melissa Anderson / eliza411
Frank Baele / frankbaele
Greg Lund-Chaix / gchaix
Greg Knaddison / greggles
Dylan Tack / grendzy
Jose Marquez / hackwater
Michael Halstead / halstead
Herman van Rink / helmo
Chad Phillips / hunmonk
Jason Savino / jasonsavino
Jonathan Hedstrom / jhedstrom
Jennifer Hodgdon / jhodgdon
Jeremy Thorson / jthorson
KS Sundarajan / ksbalajisundar
Lewis Nyman / lewisnyman
Mark Pavlitski / markpavlitski
Marco Villegas / marvil07
Michael Prasuhn / mikey_p
Mitchell Tannenbaum / mitchell
Nick Veenhof / nick_vh
Narayan Newton / nnewton
Theodore Biadala / nod_
Pradeep Kumar / pradeeprkara
Peter Wolanin / pwolanin
Robert Ristroph / rgristroph
Chris Ruppel / rupl
Sam Boyer / sdboyer
Joel Farris / Senpai
Sam Richard / snugug
Venkata Suresh / sachin2honi
Howard Tyson / tizzo
Tyler Ward / twardnw
Angela Byron / webchick
Steve Edwards / wonder95
Roy Scholten / yoroy

Thank you to the Drupal Association Supporting Partners, who gave us the funding required to make the upgrade happen.

We couldn’t have done this without you!

/ drumm & tvn


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Yey! Thank you, amazing work!


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I agree. Amazing work from amazing dedicated individuals. I am nervous to do this same feat all on my own for my volunteer group's web site; however, I am encouraged by your success.

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Thanks for all the great work!

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Thanks Drupal.org Upgrade Team for your hard work!

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Marvellous !

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The only thing we really want to say now is.. let’s party THANK YOU!

No, thank YOU for keeping this great platform alive and kicking!

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Good job!

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Thank you very much D7 Upgrade Team for their time and great effort. Cheers!

Thein Hla Maw, Myanmar

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Hi ya'll

Thanks for the hard work and the amazing result!

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Nicely done!

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For those who needs to search something in D.O but doesn't have the search items indexed, use the Google instead:

"site:drupal.org your search keywords"

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Thank you guys!

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Thanks for all the work. We all know that any major version upgrade is a big undertaking, but this one has been an amazing achievement :-)

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Feels great, Thank you guys for the hard work!

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The migration to D7 is awesome! Well done guys. I believe it was a daunting task, but you did it!

Matthias Struyf

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Everything seems to be working perfectly! Great Job to the team!

A Day In The Life

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Thank you ALL!

Damien McKenna | Mediacurrent

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Everything seems to be working perfectly!!
Congratulations guys !!!

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Yay! Thank you :D

works at bekandloz | plays at technonaturalist

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Aside from the web site being unavailable during the upgrade, a smooth and seamless transition!

I was wondering if you have a upgrade checklist (or if you'll do a post upgrade lessons learned) if you could make those available to the community.

Something that I'm getting more requests for is to upgrade a site from one version of Drupal to another. A large, heavily used site like Drupal.org would make an excellent case study for such a project.

If there is enough interest in the Drupal Community, I'd be happy to join other volunteers in helping to get such information together.

Once again, top notch job!

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Great work...

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Did you guys hook up to Varnish? Your response times are ridiculously better on your results now!

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Thanks to everyone who helped out with this!

The Future is Open!

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I can't tell you how AMAZING it was to reload my issue tracker this morning and see Drupal.org coming back at me with a nice banner telling me the good news!! :)

Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you SO MUCH for all of your tireless work on this, despite all of the numerous competing things you were trying to juggle at once, despite all of the grumbling from the community (including me :\), despite all of the other roadblocks that were thrown at you along the way.

Please sleep many, many hours and have lovely dreams of passing Behat tests, speedy performance, and an utter lack of bugs. :D

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Thank you guys for your effort!!

Now the issue queue is shiny and pops :P

See you there :)

Ruben Teijeiro
Drupal Hero

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Great job folks <3

Christian Fritsch


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Well done everyone. Double kudos on a smooth migration!

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Kudos to the team that made this possible.

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Respect for all the hard work all of you!

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Congratz guys for the amazing work!

Twitter account: @Artusamak

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Thank you. Great job!

Claudiu Cristea | Webikon.com

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W00t! You guys rock!

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How cool is that?
I need a while to figure the changes, but all I can say is wow
The more I go deep and the more I see nice subtle things here and there :D
Just look at how many people were involved!

Great job!

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Job done. Marvelous.

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Huge work!
Thank you guys

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Thanks a lot, good job :)

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A standing ovation for all of you who helped! Great job!

www.adamevertsson.se - Blogging about Drupal...

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Thanks so much!

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This is very cool.
Good work

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@cabplan, this is not the place to file issues. That would be at the Drupal.org D7 upgrade QA, https://drupal.org/project/d7qa .

Instead, this is the place to celebrate all the good that's been done. Which I do, with much gratitude to the team that made it happen. :)

Tom Geller * tomgeller.com * Oberlin, Ohio
See my lynda.com videos about Drupal

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I apologize for posting in the wrong place, congrats on the upgrade.

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Well done, amazing work!
Thank you!

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Nice work folks!

Came here for software, stayed for community! :)

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Major applause for the whole team. Thanks a million.