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Last updated: October 31, 2013 - 14:11

Release notes

Changes since 7.x-1.1:

  • #1985316 by hefox: Avoid calling menu_get_item when not needed in og_vocab_is_group_admin_context
  • #2039597 by Amitaibu: Fixed Prevent notice when using 'autocomplete' with cardinality = 1.
  • #2028371 by RoySegall: Term reference to a deleted term displays error.
  • Remove leftover code from the work with the advanced queue.
  • #1964360 by Amitaibu: Added Provide option to deny access to terms.
  • #1966438 by Amitaibu: Fixed Notice in og_vocab_realtion_delete() upon group delete.
  • Fix use of undeclared variable in og_vocab_autocomplete_callback().
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