I have an open layers map, using views to display data/map.


The map displays the content type 'Residence'.

Map Locations/Addresses are handles by a combo of address/geofield fields (Geocode field widget type is 'Geocode from another field').

Some 'Residence' nodes have more than 1 address.


Nodes with more than 1 address have some issues.

Individual markers are created and plotted on the map correctly.

The problem is with the pop-up/tooltip. Ive set 'Description Content' to the address field (Postal address field type) values. However, the same value appears for both map pointers. So basically I have 2 different/distinct plotted map pointers with the same address value in the pop-up.

What does work is when I set 'Description Content' to the geofield value. Both distinct values appear in the pop-up. But this is unusable, b/c it's just lat/long coordinates and not a human readable address.