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One of the many things Drupal does well is aggregation. The Feeds module allows you to create content from an RSS, Atom, iCal, .csv, XML or just about any other format. Aggregating content from other sources is almost as easy as subscribing to an RSS feed or embedding a Twitter block.

By utilizing the Feeds module, you can bring a variety of content into the site, including program airings for your channel, video on demand feeds, community calendars, news feeds from other sites, and plenty more.

Site building documentation for the Feeds module can be found here.

Airings and Video on Demand
While there are ways to push content from Drupal to a playback server like Telvue or Cablecast, that is considered very difficult. However, by working with feeds we can pull information regarding airings and video on demand from those servers and integrate them into our Drupal sites.

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