Hi guys, Thanks in advance for help.

I am currently using Corporateclean Theme for my site. However I was trying to place the "search block" and the cart block on the main "Home" page but it will not show. It seems I have to do some coding. As for the other pages/content, the "search block" and the "cart" block shows. Has anyone done this by any chance? Thanks for help.

Totally newbie drupal here :(


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In the blocks edit page select the region in which the blocks should appear. In your edit block view you have the option of block visibility. For the block you want show only on the homepage specify to 'show only the following pages'.


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Hi there,

Thanks for the comment. I have set all those parameters. The "search" block shows on all of my content/node except for the "Home" content which is default for the CorporateClean Theme. I want it to show to all of the content including the main "Home" content. I am not sure if this is hardcoded in the theme itself. Thanks.