I have created two users for my site, besides myself. User1 has admin rights and can do everything I can. User2 I have assigned as a sub admin and restricted rights.

When user2 tries to add content [a News Item], the interface looks different to Full admin rights persons.

I have spent 4 hours unticking, saving and ticking the boxes that grant permissions to isolate the one that might be causing the issue. No joy.

Then I realised that the text WAS being inserted only in white. So, i couldn't see it. I could not see it as the GUI is different for User2 and besides, there is no option to change text colour. Changing browsers made no difference.

Another thing is that the Admin menu shows Content / Configuration / Help. How do I get rid of the Configuration option?

I know this is something to do with the Sub Admin permissions/rights/Gui but I can't figure out where it is controlled.

I would post an image here but I don't know how to do that. The Image icon is useless as it points to http://drupal.org/files/ and I don't know what that means in relation to me. Why does it not allow me to browse to my own PC? I can't paste an image into this text box either.


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Have you looked at the the Appearance > Settings > use admin theme to create content option?

Also look at admin interface permissions (use overlay, use toolbar etc.).

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Have you looked at the the Appearance > Settings >
Of course - but I can see no way of assigning a different admin theme for individual users. Can you please be more specific.

look at admin interface permissions
again, be specific as I've no idea where that is and just spent 10mins looking for it.

This is my 1st Drupal site and I'm not understanding a whole heap of stuff so need step by step help. I wish there was a live chat chanel on Drupal.org


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I only meant the various features which appear only on admin pages, such as overlay, and in particular 'View the administration theme'. It does take a long time to learn even basic Drupal configuration. Core developers are constantly trying to make it easier though it is tricky on a system which has so many features.

I cannot give a simple solution because I am not sure what is going on though permission to View the Administration them would be something which could cause different classes of user to see different themes when creating content (depending on whether you have ticked 'use admin theme to create content')

Although not hooked up to this site, live chat is very extensively used in the Drupal community: https://drupal.org/irc

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Thanks again. I'm sorry but I have no clue what you mean. I'm not stupid. I'm a teacher, have a degree and teach computers. But I don't know drupal and cannot follow what you are saying as there is no path to: appear only on admin pages, such as overlay, and in particular 'View the administration theme'.

I wish you could watch me spend hours trawling through the admin section for what you find in seconds. THAT'S why I asked for step by step.

Secondly, I have tried the irc. I tried 7 channels and not a single reply. Another waste of a few hours. It's not as if I want to fail - I had hoped to get some positive assistance on this site.

Obviously i'm doing something wrong - I just wish there was someone on this site who could help me, as I do my students. I don't know where I go to get help. For instance, nobody picked up on the thing I said about not being able to post an image. Why is it so hard to get objective help?

Thanks anyway..........

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Permissions are located: [your_website]/admin/people/permissions (or on the black admin bar at the top, click on "People", then in the content area on the right side look for the "Permissions" tab). If you want your subadmin to see the same admin theme that your admins use you'll need to check the box for: Overlay - Access the administrative overlay.