I have this weird issue where after providing username and password on the login page and upon clicking submit, even though a user is logged in, it still shows as if the user is not logged in (because I see Login and Register links on the top). The user has to refresh the page to see that the user is fully logged in. It's as though the user is seeing a cached page. Additionally, this only happens with Chrome browser. I tried clearing cache, disabling some of latest modules I installed...but nothing seems to fix this. Has anyone experienced this..?

Thank you.



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I see it all the time. Not sure if there is workaround. Arguably it is a bug associated with Chrome's aggressive caching policy. It is more of a problem if you redirect a user to the front page or the page they were on before after logging in. If you redirect them to a page which is not available when logged out, it seems less likely to happen.

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Hi John,

Thank you for the comment. I kinda suspected that as well.. I installed Login Destination module and set the My Account as the default page after login. And the problem went away. However, after logging in, when I click on Front Page, it still shows cached page. Oh well...

Thanks again.