I am having an issue with my /blog.

Pages that have a full posr URL ( http://demandmcg.com/blog/cheat-sheet-developing-buyer-personas ) are displaying just fine, but I am unable to get at ( http://demandmcg.com/blog ). It redirects to the homepage. I have removed all URL redirects from the site. Any idea why this might be happening? I need a page that has all of my blog post with title teaser image and link to read more and comments like I at one time had.



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I don't think it redirected for me (that is, it did not redirect to demandmcg.com, but stayed on /blog). Is it possible that it is a browser caching issue?

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The blog url:


shows separate page different from the homepage. You may want to clear your browser's cache and try again. You can clear the cache by simultaneously pressing the Ctrl + F5 keys on your keyboard.