I am just simply trying to able to let users filter forum posts, but I think I just overlooked something stupid to make it not function properly. I'll try and keep this as succinct as possible!

I am using wheel bolt patterns as a taxonomy with multiple different types as it's terms. I have applied the term reference field to the forum topic content type allowing more than one to be selected (In case a use wants to look at more than one). This is all set up appropriately and working great. So from here I went into my view for "Advanced forums topic list" to add "Content: Bolt Patterns" in the Filter Criteria Area. I exposed this to the users, and that generates fine as well. Now this is where it's a little funky. When I go to the forum and select which ones I would like to see and I click apply, it just brings me back to the front page? What am I not doing correctly?

Also one other minor thing, when I create a post with more than one of my terms selected, it creates two posts. Can I disable it form creating more than one?


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Does it really create two posts, or does it make it available in two places?

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Ah I didn't think of that! They are the same node, so they are just being made available twice because two terms are selected. So that is good news.

But I have spent more time on the filtering for the filter views today. So far it is still a no go.

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In the view it is functioning perfectly in the preview. And when I set it to only show one of the terms, when you first arrive at the page it behaves perfectly as well. It seems as if the issue is stemming from the apply button.