There's a few similar issues to do with warnings from newer PHP versions but I couldn't find this particular one anywhere.

Declaration of views_handler_field_user_roles::pre_render() should be compatible with views_handler_field::pre_render(&$values) in /sites/all/modules/views/modules/user/ on line 0.

Adding the ampersand on line 16 of seems to have fixed it for me.

class views_handler_field_user_roles extends views_handler_field_prerender_list {
  // ...
  function pre_render(&$values) { // Line 16
    $uids = array();
    $this->items = array();

    foreach ($values as $result) {
      $uids[] = $result->{$this->aliases['uid']};

Here's a patch.

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Thanks for the patch, sonictruth! I experienced the same error and your patch fixed it nicely.

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I've incorporated your patch into my master patch for 6.2.x, attaching that master patch here.

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