For another content type I need a second 'Main menu' as set under the first one under 'appearance'.
How to do that? There seems to be a block 'Main menu' but thats a complete different one.
Any solutions?
Thanks in advance.
Rgs Hans


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Block 'Main menu' is the same menu and it displays submenu items as well. However it is styled differently (out of the box) and needs to be placed inside one of the block regions. It can not be placed in the same spot as the theme main menu (without extra styling) and do not have the expand effect without some tweaking.

It is possible to print the 'main menu block' in the nav area. You might need to change some classes inside the collapsible-menu script. By creating a custom block region in the nav area, you would also be able to place the "main menu block" in the same spot as the theme menu.

Why would you want two identical menus in one place? Or are you trying to replace the main menu with another structure for one content type only? Do you need submenu items? If it's about styling you could keep the theme main menu and style the menu differently for a certain content type, page or view.

To add flexibility you could even use the Menu block module, create a custom block region in the nav, disable the theme default main menu, edit the collapsible-menu script and style the Menu block like the original theme menu.

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It's not practical to add a second "main" menu.