i wonder if we set a field named xyz,
then in other content types
we can re-use this field content named adding existing field
so i wonder if there is any positive or negative factors in side

can some one tell us

thanks big thanks.


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Its because each field has his own database tables were the information is stored.

For example:
Contenttype A:
field_xyz = Hello World.

Contenttype B
field_xyz = Hello Bro.

This content is stored in the same table and it is connected to each contenttype by the drupal system.

(Hopefully I could help you if you dont understand then just say I will try to clear your questions)

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you are totally right. awful.

Then each field has a table.
Is MySQL so powerful or any the database design meaning ?

Thanks and Regards.

Which mean if i set 20 content types, and 10 fields for each type,
then I set 200 tables in MySQL just for fields.
Sounds like a burden to MySQL or not ?

Can some one tell us.

Thank Mr BlackyWhoElse

So, which one you prefer, add new field or exist field ?

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not 200 tabels.


field_image is in Contenttype A, B, C, ... Z

That means you have this 2 Tables for everything


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as your signature indicates, is it possible of server to crash down ?
if crash down, means whatever done will be ruined?
what do you do to protect? make periodical backup.

hi guru, how do you make the balance,
would you prefer to add existing field or adding a new field ?

regards. thanks for sharing.

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No not realy its more then a out of memory or a shutdown.

Nothing will be lost.

You should use existing fields. Its a performance and cleaner system thing in my opinion