I have made a view which outputs an xml file using views (obviously) and views_data_export

I need to convert each node in the xml to an html file with the node title as the file title, then create a folder, dump all the files there, tar them up, then force a download.

I can make this happen on my installation of mamp, using the following code.

 * @file
 * actorconverter.php
 * Converts xml feed of actor data to html files
//errors on
ini_set('display_errors', '1');

//load xml file
$xml = simplexml_load_file('actorexport.xml');

//print the bits we want
foreach ($xml->node as $node)
	{	$filestring = "\r\n";
		$filestring .="\r\n";
		$filestring .= $node->title;
		$filestring .= $node->description;
		$filestring .= $node->reports;
		$filestring .= $node->contact;
		$filestring .="";
		$filestring .="";

//create today's output directory if it doesnt exist
if (!is_dir('actors'.date('mdY')))
		mkdir('actors'. date('mdY'));
$outputdir=('actors'. date('mdY'));

//write string to file
$htmlfile = fopen(str_replace(" ", "\x20", strip_tags($outputdir .'/' .$node->title.'.html')), "w+");
fwrite($htmlfile, $filestring);
//archive files
	shell_exec('tar -cvzf ' .$outputdir.'.tar '.$outputdir.'/*.html');
//force download  
	$download = ($outputdir.'.tar');

if (file_exists($download))
	header("Content-disposition: attachment; filename=" .$download);
	header("Content-type: application/tar");

However I can't make it work on the remote site, I have tried for days to figure it out. ANY suggestions welcomed greatly!