I am using 1Password on my Mac. Using the browser extension, the application & the menubar mini-app, all my various logins work -- except for Drupal. If I'm on a login page (/user/login) the info will be filled-in & "entered" -- and then, nothing. Back to blank login fields & I'm not logged in.

On one site, it works just fine. As all my sites are nearly identical, I have no idea why one site works and 3 others do not.

My sites are pretty simple; I use contributed modules that I do not modify (no messing with php).

This is not a 1Password problem; it works fine with other websites. It was flaky before the new version was released (4); now it simply refuses to play nice with Drupal. There must be something in how 1PW4 submits the login info that causes Drupal to pretend to process the login but end up doing nothing.



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I turned off "Always submit" in 1PW; I click the button to fill in the login info, then manually click the submit button in Drupal -- and it cycles thru to empty & not logged-in. When I copy the password in from 1PW manually, it works fine.

So it's like the log-in info isn't even being entered even though I can see entries in those fields.