Hi All,
I want to get all the images of given website url..Let me explain
1. simple text box and submit button
2. Enter any website url and press submit button
3. Then I need to get all images of the given website url

Can anyone please suggest, is there any contrib module to meet it or need to build our own custom module?

Thank you.


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per: https://drupal.org/node/644164 please edit the opening post and move it to the 'post installation' forum. Thanks.

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Can you please elaborate on what exactly you are trying to build.
I can suggest you the regular expression that you can use to get this. And if you let me know what exactly you want guide you in a better way.
Now whether you want to put it in a drupal module, template, standalone script or hack the drupal core is up to you.


or something like that

For tests use some online tool like http://regexpal.com/