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commerce_kickstart-7.x-1.20-core.tar.gz 5.73 MB 640057c13ce8f344d98a9b4f63946597 6.99 MB dbdb938b57384079f0af2f12f18002b5
commerce_kickstart-7.x-1.20-no-core.tar.gz 2.66 MB 54a4226f54c2115f49e3d153265fc782 3.36 MB ebbb54db5277a13ed8648e98a1ca630e
commerce_kickstart-7.x-1.20.tar.gz 13.95 KB 05b14bdfc336079f1ef83200257bc22e 16.4 KB 86c4b14e4e532a7a12fc73d6ef1e9ffa
Last updated: October 23, 2013 - 12:40

Release notes

Update to the latest versions of Entity API, Drupal Commerce, and Drupal core.

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In this package

Project Version Status
Chaos tool suite (ctools) 7.x-1.3
Not secure
Drupal Commerce 7.x-1.8
Not secure
Entity API 7.x-1.2
Not secure
Views 7.x-3.7
Not secure
Address Field 7.x-1.0-beta4
Update available
Rules 7.x-2.3
Update available