Hi All,

I need to calculate a series of dates and display them to the user. Ultimatley in needs to look something like this ...

Meeting Date Sumbission Date Draft Submission Notice Goes Out
01-07-2013 12-01-2012 12-14-2012 12-05-2012
02-04-2013 01-24-2013 01-18-2013 01-09-2013
etc ...

The dates are all interdependent, so Sumbission Date would be 2 Thursdays before Metting Date. Draft Sumbmission would be the Friday before the Submission Date. There is also logic for skipping holidays and such.

I am at a loss for where to start. Can someone in the community suggest what I should use? View, Computed Field? I am very new, and I am just looking for a jumping off point to start my research. I tried doing this in a view. I created a content type for Meeting Date and manually entered a date, then I created a PHP customfield to calculate Sumbission Date (ending in a print_r to display the value I calculated using PHP), then I got stuck. How can I access the calculated Submission Date in order to use it in calculating the Draft Sumbission Date?



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Where is your data coming from originally? Is it coming from nodes? Is the list being assembled by a view?

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The first column of data is entered into a field of the content type by a user. The other dates need to be calculated based on that date.

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I created two fields for each column of data. Assume that the Meeting Date is a field in my content type, and a user has entered a date into it.

To calcluate the Sumission Date, and allow a user to override the calculated value, I created two fields. The first field is an interger field, and I let the user edit it. Let's call it Sumbission Date Override. The second field is a computed field. Lets call it Sumbission Date Computed. In the computed field, I check to see if there is a value in Submission Date Override. If there is I return that value. If there isn't, I get the value in Meeting Date, calculate the value and return that value.

I did the same thing for each subsequent dependant field.